WhoIsJudiLew? #BeyondTheBlvd

Currently Undergoing An Update. Thank You For Your Patience.

ARTIST STATEMENT : The foundation of my artistic energy arises out of my firm belief in the immense value of maximizing life’s opportunities to creatively explore and interpret the eclectic avenues of gender relations, mental health issues, cultural groupings and the (mis)adventures of the world’s beau monde – past, present and beyond. My primary influence is my life itself, in particular the epiphany of how much power there is in breathing through the uncomfortable conversations. I choose to live life outside the box which provides elements of honesty and freedom, traditionally feared, to be my strength and my mirror. In whatever form it takes, my desire is to provide passage without dictation through my art. We are three-dimensional beings and as such I believe we must embrace and explore ourselves in a fashion that lionises both the brightest and darkest energies of who we are... Get Ready To Get Nervous!
P.S. This blog is not about you.

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